The 2nd International Conference on
Learning and Teaching of Han Characters

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About the Conference
Date: 21-23 October 2011 (Friday to Sunday)
Yeungnam University, 214-1 Dae Dong Gyeongsan-Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do 712-749, Republic of Korea

The sharing and variations of Han characters is a unique feature among a number of Asian languages. Korean learns Hanja, Japanese learns Kanji, Chinese in Mainland China and Singapore learns simplified Hanzi while Chinese in Taiwan and Hong Kong learns traditional Hanzi. This Conference aims to bring together scholars, researchers and practitioners from different Asian countries to discuss and share their ideas, perspectives, experiences and research findings of teaching and learning of Han characters in terms of curriculum, teaching materials and pedagogy in their own education systems. Following the success of the first International Conference on Learning and Teaching of Han Characters in Asian Languages held on 15 Jan 2011, the 2nd International Conference on the same theme will be held in late October 2011 at South Korea.
Main Areas:
Directions for effective learning of Han Characters in different Asian languages, including
1) curriculum design
2) pedagogy and assessment
3) learning strategies of students
4) basic research and theoretical framework
5) Classical Chinese education
The Conference is co-hosted by: 
Centre for Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research (CACLER), Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong   
The Korea Society of Education in Chinese Characters and Classics    
Ethnic Chinese Classic Texts and Characters Research Centre, Beijing Normal University, People's Republic of China